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Project Alpha

2012-04-20 05:10:19 by dragon999965

Right now i'm tackling three diffrent projects. Two involve music composition. The third I'm programming from the base up with Unity 3D. I'm still not sure on what it will be, but project alpha (the one I'm Programming) is right now scheduled to be a Tower Defense Game with a FP option for a primary character.

Project Alpha


2012-03-27 02:31:09 by dragon999965

We currently have the following on our team:

2 Amazing Artists
Music Writer
Musician Misc

Right now I have the following to interview:

2 Guitarists
2 Vocalsists
1 Bassist

We need:

Multiple musicians (State what you play)

Local is a BIG plus!!!!!! But in no way required.

We currently have two jobs in progress and working on the Metal Competition Submission. However that Submission may run past the deadline. Still will be great though.

A quick run-down.

2012-03-27 02:09:02 by dragon999965

I can compose music, If you have any Genre, Instrument, Emotional, etc.... requirements let me know. I used to post music to NG, but for the past semester just been at a block. Give me a theme, what's going on, what the music needs to do, guidelines you can come up with will make the end product fit better. Or if you have a sample, then I could access the flash, then I could determine what music would fit. It's up to you.

As for my Experience:

Music Composition since '05 I Have
been playing various instruments since '98.

I can play:

-Bass Guitar
-Tenor sax
-Alto sax
-Flugal Horn
-French Horn
-Alto Trombone
-Tenor Trombone
-Bass Trombone
-Aux Percussion

However, I have only Proffessionally played Tenor and Bass Trombone.

I'm do not prefer any Genre, I like them all, with the exception of Country, I just don't do that. I am currently testing out new equipment I have set up for dubstep, along with starting to work on more back beat and soul-ful music. If you have any questions, concerns, or want to collab, pm me back.

I also have two artists that have been sitting on their hands for the past several months. I could see what they are up to and if they currently have time to collab as well.

If you wish I will also do a proffessional review of your Game/Movie/Music. We also can test games in it's preliminary stages.

February's Animations of the month

2012-03-03 02:37:57 by dragon999965

So I guess I need to get a little more active on my news posts if I plan to build up a support community of at least a few people. So since I was invited to vote on the top animations for the month I decided this is a good time to start. I'm still working on getting the animation and music base together, we've recruited another artist that actually has experience with animation so that should speed things up nicely. I've shifted my gear towards using Mixcraft Pro, which is much similar to Garage Band on a MAC. This has set me back, however it is MUCH more accessible than FL studios and Finale Notepad. Once I have my equipment is properly set up and adjusted, AND I have finished studying the equalizer I'm using progress will snowball. I'm also going to check out the Blue Men group, they are going to be in my area and hopefully they will inspire something in me.
Now I will give a brief description of what my top selections are for this past month's top submissions, followed by a description of why they have obtained their respective positions.

1.Abobo's Big Adventure- This was an amazing game truly deserving of the top place on the list, a game so big, it had its own countdown meter featured on the home page of the site. In this game you are Abobo, an iconic Nintendo character that is not as well known. You battle through different Nintendo universes each featuring their correct characters and respective game mechanics. This game has been ten years in the making.

The only two problems I've had with this game are that that I don't like water levels in Nintendo games which is the Mario parody of the game, and that I had to research and since I have moved back to Internet Explorer from Fire Fox, I had learned to run the browser as Administrator to keep this game from having sticky controls. This problem however occurs in a number of recent games and can not be contributed to Abobo. When we vote for animations of the month, we are advised to take originality over reused characters and music. The ironic part is that this is fully reused mechanics, music, and characters. This would easily be an exception to the rule.

2.Burrito Bison's Revenge- This is a sequel to Burrito Bison. For those that don't know the story of the first game, I will give a quick summary. Burrito Bison was shopping and then pulled into a "Candy Land" like world. Burrito Bison is forced to fight for the Gummys' entertainment. Burrito Bison breaks out and then resumes shopping. This game picks up where the last one left off, give or take 15 minutes. Burrito Bison has finished shopping for his groceries and is at checkout. He reaches into his pocket and realizes that he forgot his wallet. Bison charges back into the Gummys' domain to retreive his wallet; however the big difference this time is, when prior the Gummy's were running from him, but still had somewhat authority over him, Bison is now feared. He now takes out cops, whenever he does not get a strong enough launch to retrieve his wallet, he runs back as soon as possible, and the Gummy's are no longer watching in the coliseum.

Burrito Bison is easily a top pick of the month due to the sheer fact that, yes it is a launch game, however, all characters are original, the soundtrack is original and intense, and the gameplay fuses beautifully with the sound track. There's nothing like smashing Gummys while they run in waves away from you in fear, then you break through a wall and keep wreaking havock. The over all tone change in this game from its predesessor makes it a great sequel.

3.Super Samurai Sweeper- This game is a total renevation over the classic game, Minesweeper. In this game you click on tiles just like Minesweeper, and each tile does something, however the change is that this version of Minesweeper, the game is so you can weaken the numbers of the enemy army, as well as heal your character or obtain currency or experience that can be used to power up your character, purchase more, or purchase beneficial items to restore hit points or energy. At the end of the Minesweeper game, if you have found the boss, you may choose to fight him, however the army that you were not able to eliminate prior, will all attack you in a respawning wave. Killing the army causes the boss to spawn once the army reaches a set number, which is usually near when the army is completely spawned.

The whole new concept to Minesweeper is an awesome innovation that is rare to none in other games. Ruling the strengths of this game however, would have to be the innovative way where the actual fights are almost completely passive. You watch the fight and occassionally use your resource bar to aid your character. This mechanic is not only another extremely rare feature, it is a feature that forces the player to instead of relying on skills learning how to work the game to advance, such as an easy attack, step back, jump, repeat patter, this forces the player to impliment strategy into their arsenal as a required tool. Even further this strategy is required from the begining because each nation you take out, gives all the other nations benefits. This is truely a remarkable game that I would love to see more of. Namely the passive fighting mechanic. This game is almost 100% original with an intense and original soundtrack to match.

4.Zombies, Inc.-This is a Zombie tycoon game. You must take over the world with your zombie plauge.

This could also be describe as a statistical balance game. You have to balance your income, staff, army, and upgrades near perfectly to succeed. Humans can combat your plague in locations and take back cities, making you lose population, meaning less zombies are buying your products, making your income lower, while you can not downsize your staff and they just get more expensive the farther you get into the game. So it is easy to actually get your company up-side-down just like a real company if you don't succeed in keeping a high client base balanced with your worker's pay. You can even go into debt, however if you are in debt for 24hrs (game time) then your staff will quit because they are not getting paid.

February's Animations of the month

I'm back

2011-08-30 20:26:52 by dragon999965

After a long time away from NG, I've returned, I have several pieces done on several different programs. I will be submitting them. These programs include: Audacity, FL Studios, Finale Notepad, Mixcraft, and Acid. The company has been put on complete hold for right now, I have the baselines out, but haven't taken any action that would require upkeep or maintinace.

I'm back

One step closer!

2009-02-08 22:30:21 by dragon999965

The company is coming along nicely! From now on I will refer to this as an non-profit organization, for legal issues. This is because my organization does not charge for it's music production services. The website is on it's way until then use my NG Mail box (to the left <.<) to send requests. Not sure on what to put in the requests? Look at my previous Blog.



I'm making a small company

2009-02-02 22:54:15 by dragon999965

My website will be an all-request music company, until I get it up please pm me with your request and a description of what you expect. I am working hard on this site and I would like it if people would go ahead and start sending requests.
These could be used to make music for your flashs, music that needs to get a point across, or just something to listen too. Please tell me as much information as you can about what you would like.
-What instruments do you want in it?
-What Genre do you want it to be?
-What message do you want to get across?
(If it's for a game)
-What is the game about?
-What is the level about?
-How many tracks do you want?

The list of questions is only a criteria of what to tell me. The more information you tell me the closer the product will be to the idea.
THIS IS FREE!!! I plan to make a business out of this eventually but right now I'm not even in the right phase to charge. Just give me creadit in the Co-authors area.


2009-01-10 12:22:31 by dragon999965

A few days ago, I found a media coder to translate WAV into MP3. After I found it I submitted it to NG and they have pretty good scores. I then downloaded FL Studios DEMO and submitted one called ROBO-END. I was pretty satisfied with it, I wasn't going to submit it but I thought it was funny so I did.

I am making a website and it will be a music request line. I will most likely use Finale Notepad, unless the request better fits a FL studios job. When the site is finished then I'll post it, until then just PM me if you have a request.


2009-01-03 18:32:31 by dragon999965

I've decided to become more involved with NG. If anyone can tell me how to export a song from audacity in mp3 format I would be grateful and also if someone could tell me how to make a game maker format into one that can be submitted to NG.